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Hero Cookies (Box of 7)

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The iRide chocolate chip Hero Cookie™️ is the next evolution in energy delivery for riders and athletes alike. You won't find anything better.

Oven Baked and perfect for snacks on the go, trails, or any other time, you can ditch the guilt of cookie and chocolate cravings and fuel up with this sinfully sweet but nutritionally balanced snack.

We’ve managed to pack in 15 grams of protein per cookie while maintaining under 1 gram of sugar! Every cookie is satisfyingly sweet, soft and chewy, but also packed with the nutrition you need to fuel your rides and workouts.

Even with all that balanced energy, it sits well in your stomach during activity or exercise! No gross feelings, no bad after tastes, just cookie flavor!

7 HUGE Cookies per box!

  • (per cookie) 170 Cals, 15G protein, 14g carbs, <1g sugar, 7g fat

We guarantee you're going to be amazed by these! Or your money back no questions asked.


Please note* contains soy bean protein, wheat, milk products, and is sweetened with a small amount of Sucralose. Also manufactured in a facility that contains peanuts, tree nuts and sesame.