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*Peach Mango*  Rocket Fuel Pre-Workout*Peach Mango*  Rocket Fuel Pre-Workout
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“The want to push harder is a part of my everyday routine. With the help of iRide Supplements I'm able to push myself and continue on my path of progression”

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12 Week Nutrition Guide "for dummies"

Week 1: Obstacles holding you back - Week 2: Getting LEAN - Week 3: Macronutrients - Week 4: Micronutrients - Week 5: Go Pro -tein - Week 6: Perfect Meal - Week : Daily essentials - Week 8: Training & Race Day Calorie - Week 9: Before Your Race - Week 10: Race Day - Week 11: After Your Race - Week 12 Understanding supplements

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    This is where it begins. The grind. The progress.

    Our products help you make that progress through science backed ingredients. If you’re not using our supplements, your competition has an edge on you - it’s focused performance.

    Last longer, learn quicker, have more focus - Progress.


    We need to capitalize on recovery time and if you’re not already supplementing your recovery, you’re losing progress.

    Our products are designed specifically for riders, to ensure that our bodies get the nutrients they need to recover at a maximum rate.

    Sleep better, gain strength, boost immune health - Recover.


    Being dehydrated and not having the fuel your body needs to perform, will rob you of results no matter what you’ve done beforehand.

    Our products are specifically designed for riders and backed by science, to safely give you the hydration and boost you need to perform at your peak.

    Get instant energy, properly hydrate, have lasting fuel - Perform

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  • Official iRide Trucker Cap


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    Official iRide Trucker CapOfficial iRide Trucker Cap
  • iRide "Classic" Unisex Hoodie


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    iRide "Classic" Unisex HoodieiRide "Classic" Unisex Hoodie
  • iRide Block Unisex Hoodie

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    iRide Block Unisex HoodieiRide Block Unisex Hoodie
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  • iRide Classic Cuffed Beanie

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    iRide Classic Cuffed BeanieiRide Classic Cuffed Beanie
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  • iRide "Be Fast or Be Last" Hoodie

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    iRide "Be Fast or Be Last" HoodieiRide "Be Fast or Be Last" Hoodie
  • Basic iRide T-shirt

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    Basic iRide T-shirtBasic iRide T-shirt
  • Classic iRide Snapback Hat

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    Classic iRide Snapback HatClassic iRide Snapback Hat
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  • @SPENSERWILTON17 *2018 WORCS Pro 2 lites champ


    “Having Crohn's disease it's hard to find a quality product that I can use in my day-to-day training without setting my stomach off. This stuff is the best on the market and I’ve tried them all”

  • @LEONARD.ANTLE _Downhill MTB racer


    "These supplements are the best I have ever taken. They taste great, and do exactly what they promise. Also the shaker cup is well made and does a very good job of mixing. Overall if you are looking for a way to bring your game up, these supplements are definitely the way to go."

  • @will_mireault - @50 Canadian Pro Rider


    "I am a Pro Motocross rider and I can tell you that all these products are really good in both taste & efficiency. These new vanilla-flavored proteins are incredibly good. I highly recommend these high quality products to anybody! Can't wait to try the Hydro fuel!" - William Mireault

    See Williams Products 
  • @lukedelguercio_28 - 250C rider


    “I knew the HydroFuel would be good but it completely blew my expectations out of the water. I've always taking supplements because I've been told to help out but never actually feel much of a difference. HydroFuel very noticeably helped my energy levels and I felt like I could just resist the resist the fatigue from the heat for about twice as long as normal..amazing stuff!"

    See Lukes Products 
  • @PERCYGANTLE - Mountain Bike racer


    “Firstly I would like to say that I’m very impressed on all the products. The BCAA formula is nice and it refreshes you during a ride. The protein powder if wonderful and tastes great. Most importantly though the pre workout is the most unholy substance you guys offer and I love it. It’s like a punch in the face. It’s great in flavour and oh boy does it work.”

  • @Les_gervais466 - VET BEGINNER

    "I'm not sure how they mix confidence in with this stuff but jumped the finish line jump (with ME on it!) today! Unreal good stuff!"

    See Les Products 
  • @MMELIN185 - +30A RIDER


    I was suffering from fairly severe stomach pain after race's and demanding rides. Experimented with different foods, times of eating and tons of water/gateraid before rides with very little difference in level of gut pain. Talked with Mitch at iride_supliments and tried the sample package with fantastic results, haven't had any gut issues after multiple high intensity training sessions. 100% sold on all the products and have fully implemented into my day to day. The wafers are delicious, light and easy to get a quick top up on those long rides! Protein mixes easy and tastes great! 

    See Matt's products 
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